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Why ST Hair Clinic?
Time. Having surgery in ST Hair Clinic has many advantages compared to what you need to do to get hair transplantation in a Turkish clinic: a patient from Ukraine will save on travel and be able to discuss the surgery in detail in their first language. Besides, ST Hair Clinic will be ready to serve you at your convenience in case of emergency, however, if you choose a Turkish clinic, you will have to return to Turkey for treatment.

Price. ST Hair Clinic offers very affordable prices comparable with those you will get in Turkey. We also have the lowest prices in the Ukrainian hair transplantation market and regular special deals, so you can make a perfect one-off investment in your physical attractiveness. Fairly-priced, affordable services are among the core values that guide us in ST Hair Clinic.

No hidden costs. The low prices offered by many Ukrainian clinics often mean that you will have to pay extra for every service, from consultations to disinfection and anaesthesia. There are no hidden charges for patients in ST Hair Clinic's hair transplantation package.

Client-oriented approach. We plan an individual hair transplant procedure and rehabilitation process for each patient. In ST Hair Clinic, we don't rush or have the limited time issue, because we perfectly understand the permanent nature of hair transplantation result and perform this procedure with dedication and professionalism. We provide free consultations 24/7 to each patient.

FUE technique. In ST Hair Clinic, we do not follow the tricky marketing tactic inventing "new" hair transplantation techniques and offering them at higher prices. The only procedure we have in use is traditional FUE, one of the two hair transplantation techniques officially recognised by the international surgical community.

Manual graft extraction. In ST Hair Clinic, we extract grafts only by hand, without the use of any electromechanical devices (graft harvesters) because they are more traumatic for the donor area skin. The patient will be sitting fully awake and able to use their mobile device, watch TV or talk to the surgeon throughout the procedure.

Graft counting. Clinics have been recently cheating their patients in calculating the extracted and transplanted grafts. It's no surprise as the patient is unable to fully control the transplantation process, and the transplanted hair begins to regrow 3 to 4 months after the procedure. To prevent this practice, ST Hair Clinic can make a video of the graft extraction and planting process as proof that there was no fraud during the surgery.

Licence and warranty. Only choose duly licensed healthcare providers, such as ST Hair Clinic, that sign a surgery agreement with their patients and provide a written warranty.
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