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Before Procedure
Before the procedure, you will be asked to disclose all details of your health and medical history so that the doctor can accurately customise your hair transplantation procedure. You will be also asked to provide the results of the following tests and assessments:

- complete blood count (incl. formula) plus platelet count up to 14 days before the procedure;
- coagulation profile;
- Wasserman reaction;
- hepatitis B and C;
- blood group and Rh factor test;
- blood HIV test;
- PCR test for COVID-19 (valid within 72 hours of the issue date).

Instructions to be followed before the hair transplantation procedure:

- avoid any anti-inflammatory drugs and antidepressants for 7 days before surgery;
- stop taking minoxidil (regaine, rogaine) 7 days before surgery;
- do not consume alcohol and any drugs for 3 days before surgery.

In the morning of the treatment day, take a shower and wash your hair thoroughly with your regular shampoo. Have a substantial breakfast without coffee. We recommend that you wear loose-fitting clothing that is easy to put on after the procedure avoiding direct contact with your head.