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After Procedure
In our clinic, you will be given detailed instructions before and after the procedure for optimal result. After the procedure, the doctor will provide you with drugs, explain how to use them, and tell how to take care of your hair to speed up the healing process.

We seek to simplify the rehabilitation period as much as possible by preparing customised recovery programmes for each patient. We provide detailed, individual instructions on how to take care of the transplanted hair.

Any patient can get a free 24/7 consultation following the procedure. The transplanted hair restoration cycle will be complete 12 months after the surgery — that's when you will be able to see the final result.

The healing process after the FUE hair transplantation procedure is simple, painless and requires no special care.

The length of a complete restoration cycle can vary depending on the number of transplanted grafts and the size of the recipient area. The rehabilitation period generally takes up to 2 weeks, but the majority of patients recover in 7 days.

Important! The transplanted hair follicles are weakest for 7 days after the procedure. This period is critical for a successful surgery, therefore, the patient must follow the doctor's instructions.

You can return to your normal work the next day after the procedure, avoiding excessive exercise to prevent heavy sweating and high blood pressure.
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