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General Procedure
FUE hair transplantation is a technique that requires local anaesthesia. You will be fully awake and able to use your mobile device, watch TV or talk to your surgeon during the procedure.

The following preparations will be made before treatment:

- your surgeon will conduct a visual or instrumental examination of the donor area to understand its quality and how many grafts can be extracted in one session;
- the surgeon will then shave the hair in the donor area to assess the skin elasticity;
- the doctor will discuss with you the hairline contour and shape that will best suit your face;
- the surgeon will draw out the area to be transplanted.

Preparing for extraction

Extraction process
A painless numbing injection will be made in the donor area (back of the head) and the surgeon will prepare each graft to be transferred to the recipient area minimising noticeable thinning of the hair in the donor area.

The assisting technicians will then carefully extract and arrange the grafts for transplantation. The grafts are counted, prepared for transplantation, arranged in groups and cooled. Certain drugs are used to increase graft survival rate.

We use a safe, sequential graft harvesting technique that allows to preserve all collected biological material!

We extract grafts only by hand, without the use of any electromechanical devices (graft harvesters) because they are more traumatic for the donor area skin.

Using the hand extraction technique, the surgeon defines the depth of incision for each graft making up to 3—4 micropunching moves. This level of control cannot be achieved with the mechanical technique.
The extracted grafts cannot be stored in solution for a long time, so the procedure must be performed quickly, or the hair follicles will die. The work must be performed quickly and accurately — this is exactly what our surgeons can do.

The transplanted area is then numbed, and the surgeon uses a microsurgical instrument equipped with a powerful stereo microscope to puncture the sites for placing the grafts in a predetermined density and pattern angling the wounds in a consistent fashion to achieve realistic hair coverage.

The length of the procedure varies between 3 and 10 hours. One or more meal breaks are made during the procedure.

Extracted grafts

Grafts transplantation
The length of the procedure varies between 3 and 10 hours. One or more meal breaks are made during the procedure.

Some effects to be expected after the procedure include:

- mild swelling in the transplanted area at the front of the head;
- redness in the recipient area.

These symptoms are totally normal and will quickly resolve. The transplanted hair follicles will grow starting from around month 2 following the procedure, and you will notice the first results in about 3 or 4 months.

The transplanted hair will continue to grow just like your natural hair. The final hair transplantation result should be expected in 12 months' time.
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