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Beard Transplant
A well-kept beard can help a man look great. A beard has always been a symbol of masculinity, strength, power and sex appeal.

According to a study, a beard helps men boost their standing among other men: in a male team those who let their facial hair grow are more likely to get a high position in society, become more respected, claim leadership and career growth compared to clean-shaven men.

A beard, however, can lack thickness and shape, or they can change for a number of reasons such as facial scars caused by trauma, burns, or natural asymmetry.

Hair transplantation is currently the most effective method to restore beard hair. Minoxidil, burdock root oil extract, castor oil, argan oil, multivitamins, spray, foam, cream and other products generally have temporary and insignificant effects.

We can add thickness or change the shape of your beard, or create a natural beard if you lack facial hair. We use the FUE technique, an advanced procedure of harvesting individual follicular units. With the FUE hair transplantation technique, we add thickness to or reshape the beard using the patient's own hair.

It is a minimally invasive, totally safe surgical procedure with a very short rehabilitation period and no side effects. No scalpel or surgical suturing are needed because it is a microsurgical procedure.

Beard hair transplantation is a very precise procedure: hairs are meticulously placed in microscopic punctures made at the right angle and positioned to mimic natural hair growth.

A form of hair transplantation, beard transplantation uses an extraction technique to harvest hairs from the back of the head. Performed under local anaesthesia the procedure lasts for 1 to 6 hours.

You will see hair growth 3 or 4 months following the surgery. The final result should be expected in around 12 months' time.

Hair transplantation is currently the only method that can help you grow a thick natural beard with permanent result.

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